Relation Graph

The Relation Graph serves as a social data access layer, effectively bridging the data silos between Web2 and Web3. By connecting the social data of these two worlds, it offers developers a broader space for innovation and a more immersive interactive experience.

What can the Relation Graph do?

The Relation Graph is an advanced data aggregation platform that integrates and connects the social data of Web2 and Web3. It's not just a simple data pool, but a graph system capable of identifying, mapping, and accurately associating various social relationships. Through the Relation Graph, diverse network identity nodes are linked, providing developers with a unified and efficient data access layer.

Our API aims to make the process of data access and integration efficient and smooth. By using the Relation Graph, developers can more freely explore various application scenarios, thereby offering users more diverse and personalized services. This not only accelerates application development but also delivers a superior experience for users.

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